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How do I recognise an original mini bob?

You can recognise an original mini bob by the distinctive protected mini bob logo embossed on the front.

What is a "Zipflbob", "Zipfybob", "Zipfelbob"?

The mini bob is also affectionately referred to (depending on dialect) as the "Zipflbob", "Zipfelbob", Pronounced [zip' fel bob] "Zipfibob" or "Zipfybob" Pronounced [zip' fee bob]. The term arose in the Tyrolean mountains and refers to its unique shape.

Pronounced [zip' fee]

So only the original mini bob is also the genuine "Zipflbob"!


How long has the mini bob been around?

The idea was born in the 1970s during a skiing holiday in Kitzbühel. Since 1976, the mini bob has been manufactured and sold in Germany by Loeger GmbH, and its design is virtually unchanged today.

Who invented the mini bob?

The mini bob was developed and patented in the 1970s by Siegmund Loeger and Johann Uttenthaler. After the death of Johann Uttenthaler, the patent rights were transferred to Loeger GmbH, which has produced and sold the mini bob exclusively ever since.

Where is the mini bob made?

The original mini bob has been manufactured in Germany since 1976. To make it, we work with small and medium-sized family companies.

Does the mini bob contain any harmful substances?

Since its invention in the 1970s, the mini bob has been designed to be used by children as well. Consequently, special attention was paid to skin compatibility right from the start in terms of development and choosing the materials. As a result, the original mini bob contains no plasticisers (it is phthalate-free).

The material used, HDPE, is food-grade, food-safe and physiologically harmless. For example, HDPE is also used to make kitchen chopping boards and food storage containers.

Is the mini bob recyclable?

The mini bob is made of HDPE (high-density polyethylene), a strong and durable material. HDPE is very tough and maintains rigidity extremely well, even at very low temperatures, and offers excellent chemical resistance. The original mini bob is a product designed for a long service life, to be used for generations.

However, if there does come a time when you need to dispose of the mini bob, it's not a problem. HDPE consists of nothing but carbon and hydrogen and is therefore very easy to dispose of in an environmentally friendly way. Simply take your mini bob to the nearest recycling centre so that it can be introduced to the recycling process correctly.

Does the mini bob damage the piste or the ground?

Thanks to the flat design of its underside, the mini bob is especially easy on toboggan and ski pistes. Unlike a traditional wooden sledge with its runners, the mini bob practically waltzes over the ground, rather than ruining it. The mini bob therefore has no negative effects on vegetation or the prepared piste.

How old do I have to be to ride the mini bob?

The mini bob is suitable for anyone aged from 3 to 99. The fun that you can have with the mini bob knows no age limits. Thanks to its low seat height, the little plastic toboggan is very difficult to tip over, which means that even the very small can ride it. Its light weight of approximately only 1.6 kg makes it one of the lightest plastic toboggans on the market, so even the youngest mini bob fans can drag it effortlessly up the slopes on a string.

What is the weight limit for riding the mini bob?

Due to its break-resistant plastic material, the mini bob is very resilient and can be used by riders weighing up to 100 kg.

Where can I buy the mini bob?

The mini bob is available at well-stocked sports and toy specialist shops and from many online sources.
You can find all our known dealers under "Shop".

What colours are available for the mini bob?

The mini bob is currently offered in blue, red and orange, with red and yellow available from when the mini bob was invented. The mini bob has also briefly been available in what were then the fashionable colours of neon green, neon pink and black with a yellow seat. Since 2013, there has been a limited edition of the mini bob in the special colours metallic bronze and metallic green. As of 2015, the little plastic toboggan is also available in purple.

Can I buy the mini bob in custom colours, too?

In principle, it is possible for us to produce the mini bob in custom colours, but only above a certain quantity. For companies and large-volume customers, we can offer the mini bob in custom colour combinations as promotional items, for example (see "References"). We are happy to accommodate your requests!

What do I need to go mini bobbing? Do I need special clothing?

You do not need any special clothing to ride your mini bob, but as with any winter sport, you should dress appropriately for the weather. You can only really enjoy yourself properly if you are wearing waterproof clothing. We also recommend sturdy shoes (such as snowboard boots) as well as ski goggles, guards and a helmet. A helmet is compulsory at race events, and guards should also be worn. High speeds can sometimes be reached in mini bob races, so the rule is always the same: safety first!

Where can I ride the mini bob?

You can use the mini bob almost anywhere. As a piece of winter sports equipment, it feels just as at home on short snowy slopes as it does on steep ski pistes. Some have even ridden the mini bob on sand at +30°C. This is possible in Germany on Monte Kaolino, for example. Other tobogganing areas in the Alps with snow reports and piste conditions can be found on the "Rodelführer" website (available only in German).

Are there mini bob clubs?

Yes, there are now some well-organised mini bob/Zipflbob clubs.

If you represent a club and would like to post a race report or announce a Zipfelbob race on our website, please contact us – we'll be happy to help you out!

Are there mini bob races?

There are now many race events held in various categories. Dates and race reports can be found under "News". For example, there is a Zipflbob World Series and many regional events.

If you are organising your own Zipfelbob race, we would be delighted to help you! Simply get in touch using our contact form.

How can I take part in mini bob races?

Most of the time, anyone can take part in a mini bob race. Participants are usually divided into categories for men and women, as well as by age group. There are often separate categories for amateurs and pros. The winners are then determined via a knockout system. Wearing a helmet is mandatory and guards are recommended. Contact the event organisers for the precise terms and conditions of specific events.

I want to set up my own mini bob race. What do I need to bear in mind?

We will be happy to offer you the benefit of our experience when you are making your preparations and can put you in contact with professional organisers. Along the way, you will receive some essential tips for holding a successful and exciting event. In addition, we will gladly publicise the event on our official mini bob homepage and Facebook page, along with race reports featuring text, photos and videos. Simply send us your request using our contact form!